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National Complaints Managers Group


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NCMG is a forum representing professionals delivering complaints, dispute resolution and associated functions in Adult Social Care, Children & Families Social Care and Education within Local Authorities in England. NCMG represents the views and experience of Local Authority Complaints Managers to Government Departments and other stakeholders, including ADASS (Association of Directors of Adult Social Care), ADCS (Association of Directors of Children’s Services), the Department of Health and the Local Government Ombudsman.


The group aims to support complaints managers, in what is often an isolated and challenging role. This is achieved by facilitating peer support through regional and national networks. Also, by sharing information, ideas, advice and experience to inform and improve best practice. We also act as a conduit, to collate and represent the views and experiences of the complaint managers we represent (particularly at times of policy and regulation review), to help ensure the development of practice based on learning and reflecting their collective knowledge.

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Representatives attending NCMG are drawn from eight regional complaints managers’ groups, who collectively represent in excess of 150 local authorities throughout England.


These regions are:


Eastern, London, North East, North West, Southern, South West, West Midlands

Yorkshire & Humberside


The current members of the national executive are:


Chair – Stuart Purcell (Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council – Yorkshire & Humberside Group)


Vice Chair / Treasurer – Angela Esslinger (Lancashire County Council – North West Group)

Group Co-ordinator - Rachel Brickman (West Berkshire - Southern Group)




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Next meetings:

12/11/19 Leeds

10/3/20 London

7/7/20 London